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(Originally Revealing Injury, but between Alien Blood and Bizarre Alien Biology, the alien and other creatures side was covered, so refocusing this to robots)

So there's this person you've met. They look like a human, they act like a human, they talk like a human, and in your mind, they're very much a human.

Then they get wounded, and instead of bleeding, they're releasing sparks.

Apparently, the human you've been with was one of them cyborgs, Ridiculously Human Robots, or Mechanical Lifeforms.

At this point, one of two things may happen.

If the character is an enemy, this is the signal for The Hero to go all out in battle. After all, it's not human, who cares if it gets killed?

If the character is an ally, this will lead to much angsting for everyone as they ask themselves What Measure Is a Non-Human?.

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