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Cross-Country Tour
A work where the characters travel across a single country.
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Sometimes, the World Tour just isn't in the budget. What do you do? Simple: just have the characters travel across the country.

Of course, the budget isn't always the problem - sometimes, the author just wants to show off their great country (almost always falling under Eagleland Type 1 if the country in question is America).

Not to be confused with cross-country teams. See also World Tour.


Comic Books
  • Asterix and the Banquet is about Astérix and Obelix on a "Tour de Gaule", collecting speciality food from various cities throughout France in a bid for freedom from the Romans, who are enclosing their village from the rest of the world with a stockade.
  • The "Hard-Travelling Heroes" arc in Green Lantern/Green Arrow, where Hal and Ollie travel across the US so Hal can reconnect with ordinary humans and the problems they face.
  • Likewise with the "Superman: Grounded" arc of Superman.

Film - Animation
  • Bolt has the title character trying to travel back from New York City to Los Angeles, with a notable stop in Vegas.

Film - Live Action
  • In National Lampoons Vacation, the Grizwold family travel across the country to visit a theme park called Wally World. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In The Muppet Movie, Kermit and Fozzie drive from the Alabama swamps to Hollywood (and detour to Hollywood, Florida and Hollywood, New Jersey along the way).
  • El Norte is a film about a brother and sister from Central America making the perilous clandestine journey through the length of Mexico and into the United States as undocumented aliens.
  • A large part of the film Indochine detailed Camille's journey across French Indochina (from southern to northern Vietnam) in search of her old lover, and then the two of them as fugitives travelling with a Communist travelling theatre troupe throughout the countryside.
  • The Motorcycle Diaries portrays Che Guevara's youthful journey by motorcycle across South America from his native Argentina up to Peru, where harsh working and living conditions for copper miners there inspire him to become a communist.

  • Blue Highways by William Least Heat Moon is a nonfiction chronicle of the author travelling around the US in his camper-outfitted van on back roads (highways that were often colored as narrow blue lines on old gas-station maps), visiting many obscure or ideosyncratic small towns, in the 1970s.
  • Robert Persig's Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance details a motorcycle journey by him and his son across the western US, along with a journey of philosophical and spiritual discovery.
  • Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn may qualify, in that while Huck and Jim didn't go "across" the country, they did journey down the Mississippi River from the North to the South on a crude raft, with plenty of perils (particularly for Jim in the Antebellum South).

  • Havalina Rail Co.'s album America is a concept album about a road trip across the US, with each song corresponding to a different area traveled through. The back cover of the album has a map depicting the route traveled.

  • Red & Ted's Road Show has its titular protagonists traveling across America, wreaking havoc along the way.
  • World Cup Soccer had the player progressing through the cup in different locales in the U.S. (matching those of the 1994 World Cup, which the game was made to promote).
  • The much-maligned pinball game Vacation America was all about this.

Video Games

Web Video
  • While the first Chris and Scottie's Road Trip (made by the same man behind The Irate Gamer) was a World Tour, the second installment is focused on the US instead.

Real Life
  • Of course, several sporting events (i.e. The World Cup) travel to places around the chosen country to compete.
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