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Clown School

Where people learn comedy (or are punished by learning comedy)

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Do clowns need an education? Well, at least in fiction they do.

A Clown School is where people go to learn comedy. They're usually staffed by Clowns — the jokey, non ironic variety. The classes there usually range from pie throwing to Incredibly Lame Puns to other forms of jokes (But never the practical mean-spirited ones). Sometimes used as a punishment for something or other (usually bad grades), or maybe the character thinks that it might happen for that reason.

Not to be confused with Class Clown, though they may get decent grades there. Also not to be confused with the Disney School of Acting and Mime. Also unrelated to Sad Clowns, thought they might be dropouts.


    Comic Books 
  • Pinkie Pie's issue of the My Little Pony Micro Series ends with her suggesting her idol Poniacci teaches one as his retirement from being a clown.

  • Discworld has the Fool's Guild, where young men are apprenticed to become court jesters and the like. Depicted as a terrible place where comedy is Serious Business.
  • The Fools Guild book series by Alan Gordon stars Theopholus aka Feste the Fool from Twelfth Night and his wife as fools cum secret agents. The Guild is also a training school for young fools to become Fools and agents.

    Live Action TV 
  • On an episode of The West Wing, Penn Jillette makes an insightful defense of his flag burning trick. He's asked if he had gone to law school. He responds, "No, clown school."

    Western Animation 
  • The Simpsons
    • In one episode Homer goes to clown school to become a Krusty impersonator.
    • Subverted in this exchange between Sideshow Bob and his brother Cecil.
    Bob: You wanted to be Krusty's sidekick since you were five! What about the buffoon lessons, the four years at clown college.
    Cecil: I'll thank you not to refer to Princeton that way.
  • Bobby from King of the Hill attends a clowing class at the local college. He's dissapointed to learn that the class teaches Commedia dell'Arte-type clowning instead of circus clowning, and the teacher takes it very seriously.
  • Acme Looniversity on Tiny Toon Adventures is essentially this. Along with normal high school courses, the students also study how to do Wild Takes and other Zany Cartoon tropes, taught by the original Looney Tunes cast.
  • There is an episode of CatDog where the titular duo go to clown school. It's played like a boot camp, with a drill instructor and parachute jumping.

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