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She has the maners of a princess( picture above), But only when her parents are around (picture below)

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"Almost every man can face adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give them power."
-- Abraham Lincon

''...Everybody lies."

Have you ever wanted to say or do something, but couldn't, because you were concerned of what others might think of you, or the punishment you could get? This trope is about that.

It's often said that both anonymity and power will corrupt otherwise decent, good people. Beneath the Mask is when the anonymity or power didn't change a person; it simply revealed what was already there, a hidden self kept in check by fear of what others would think or do in response hidden to others , sometimes even hidden from ourselves

It may not be an "evil" aspect that's revealed; a bloodthirsty, ruthless villain doing something nice or good when he doesn't need to worry about others thinking him soft or weak for it would also fall into this trope.

When it's played for comedy rather than seriously, the person is usually caught in the act, most often by the one person or group they were most worried about finding out their secret.

Depending on what compels the character to remove their masks this trope can be clasified in three types.

Type A: Anonymity
  • The character is able to reveal their hidden side because some sort of anonymity means that they won't be linked to it.

Type B: Power
  • The character is able to express their hidden side because they have sufficient power (of any type) to protect themselves from any negative response.

Type C: Indiference
  • The character has already being caught or simply decides not to care anymore about the consequences.

Related to GIFT and What You Are in the Dark, Often used in conjunction with Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Jerkass Façade, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.

Trope Codifier : MagicalProjectS

Disclaimer This trope is Not to be confused with Hidden Depths. That focuses more on hiddden skills (this trope being more psychology/personality oriented), What You Are in the Dark, which is a subtrope, A Darker Me, which is an specific case, Nor GIFT, which focuses on corruption, unlike this trope that focuses on reveals.

This trope is Truth in Television, acording to psychology.


Please try not to add A Darker Me examples! Even though they are valid, other tropes cover them better, thanks!

Anime and Manga

Video Games
  • In Halo 3 the normally calm Lawful Good or Lawful Evil ( for the humans) prophet of truth showed his true colors as a mad alien willing to kill his fellow prophets and an entire race of aliens While trying to reach godhood. 
    • Both guilty spark and medicant bias hid their true intentions until their betrayals due to rampancy.
  • "Final Fantasy XIII" the cocoon Fal'cie showed their true intentions to the lu'cie. While they were hidden in their anonymity, they wanted to commit suicide and pretended being good to the people of the cocoon while showing their true intentions to the heroes
  • ModernWarfare: the general shepherd betrayed task force 141 killing them showing that he realy was a [1] as oposed to the  Lawful Good faces he had. Very hard for price and soap to bear, though not too hard to believe.

  • in "Twilight" Rosalie Cullen tough she acts cold to Bella at first , it is revealed that she actualy envys Bella and is sad on the inside because of her inability to get pregnant.   

Western Animation
  • In the The Last Airbender, Admiral Zao, though at first considered Lawful Evil, was revealed at the season finale to be completely insane, even killing the moon spirit.
    • Toph bei Fong tough she pretends to be a weak well manered girl infron of her parents , while not seen by them she is shown as a very powerful earthbender  and while she has perfect good maners ,but he chooses to ignore the When she is with her friends, this is played for the laughs 
    • Princess Azula, though she pretended being a secure, strong, cold woman, it was revealed at the last episode that she was a lonely woman that wanted someone to trust, but lost her friends and didn't have anyone to confide in, and was crazy and sad because she wanted her mother's approval. It wasn't a coincidence that when she became more powerful thanks to being almost the new firelord plus getting a power upgrade thanks to sizing comet, that much political power plus the loneliness was too much for her, and showed how she truly was on the insideshe felt unloved(by his mom or anyone for that matter),Crazy , and emotionally unstable
  • Helga, a type 1  from Hey Arnold!, expressed her true feelings for Arnold when alone.
  • in "Justice League Unlimited"  the flash a type 1 is apparently a goofy ,dumb and "incompetent"  character but it is revealed in an episode that he only pretends to be silly to get close to the people and as Orion put it :  
    • ->''Orion: [to the Flash] "I understand now. You play the clown to hide a warrior's pain."
  • Trixie Tang from TheFairlyOddParents a type 1  is secretly a tomboy that likes boy stuff like comc books and secretly disguises herself as a boy because she has fear of being judged and rejected due to the fact that she is a popular girl and "The Libby" of her school. 

  • The Mask this is the basic premise of the titular mask of the  movie.  putting the mask unmasks your hidden self, plus giving superpowers at the same time.
  • In "Pirates of the Caribbean" Tia Dalma initially acts as a NeutralGood , helping the characters and even showing care for Jack Sparrow but in the third movie it is revealed that she is actually Calypso a sea goddess and when she regains her full powers back she is revealed to be a TrueNeutral ,ChaoticNeutral character not really caring about any of the   factions

Live Action Tv

   Real Life
  • The Roschach test (not to be confused with the other Roschach is a test uses to see the hidden aspects of the personality throught the use of  ink spots , this way people reveal things about themselves that they wouldnt reveal otherwise due to liying or fear of  embarasment more information click here.
  • Internet people in general in the bad extreme  they take out their frustrations on people that won't recognize them , however in the good extreme people are able to share their honest opinions about controversial subjects without fearing of  being judged bad. 
  • Ever wanted to eat a cake with your hands? Or a soup without a spoon?
  • Bullies almost never attack people that can face them either socialy or physicaly. Infront of their teacher and their parents they act diferently.  

  • The sentry , tough he pretends to be a LawfulGood hero his dark side actually manifests against his will due throughout the void , the void is basically his dark side before taking the professor's formula his powers only made the void manifest what was already there. That much power made the sentry unable to keep  in check his darkside
  • Jean Grey of the "Xmen" her phoenix persona was retconed to be actually her an not a separate entity her dark Phoenix persons is radicaly  different from  her normal self restrained self 
 *Black Adam of "Captain Marvel" was chooses for being good a champion of justice but when he received superpowers while not nesesarily evil , he was revealed not to be a LawfulGood as he was espected  to be like Captain Marvel
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