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An assassination attempt that more resembles a full military action
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Most assassination attempts come from a single assailant, or perhaps a few. Not this one.

The large-scale assassination still aims to kill a single or a few persons, but it is more similar to a military action: the assassins might number in the hundreds, with military weapons. They are still likely to attack fanatically, and will need the numbers anyway, since the target will have a large number of at least equally well-trained bodyguards.

Expect desperate close-quarter fighting, sacrifices, The Cavalry, and only a few people still living in the end.



  • David Weber has used this trope no less than three times.
    • In ''The Armageddon Inheritance'', where over a hundred man with military equipment tries to kill Horus and Jiltanith, by orders of the Mole in Charge. One of the twelve bodyguards survives.
    • In ''By Heresies Distressed, where over two hundred men tries to kill Empress Sharleyan. Of the over seventy bodyguards, only one survives.
    • In ''War Maid's Choice'', where first over two hundred men, and then over four hundred arrives in a second wave, to kill King Markhos. Surprisingly, half of the fifty or so bodyguards manages to survive until The Cavalry arrives.
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