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Proving that something Lame/boring/bad/cliche can be amazing.
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"Girliness doesn't make a show bad, bad writing does"

While some fantasy concepts are very popular and have a great deal of acceptance because they are considered as being very desirable. That is until they lose their credibility by being deconstructed. For example being a princess/Badass.

Some Fantasy tropes are considered as bad, lame, boring or average at best. Not because they were Deconstructed But because even when played straight,cliche they are shown as being uninteresting or undesirable.Some of them even being ClicheStorms for not being used at their full potential.

This tropes have a low social acceptance even without even before any form of deconstruction. Their appeal (if any) tends to be limited to a very small or limited demographic.

  • For instance while a girl wanting to be a princess is a very , being the maid of said princess however is not.

In other words the concept "self- destructed" by having a low social acceptance despite the fact it is always played straight.

This trope happens when an author sees potential on a concept that very few people saw before and wants to prove that this "lame" concept can actually be awesome if done correctly. Taking the example mentioned before.The maid could be secretly an Action Girl and a bodyguard that has much more adventures and fun than the princess she is protecting.

While trying to recreate this concept/trope an author has a lot to prove and nothing to lose regarding the tropes they want to play with. Some of them have either a creative or personal motivation regarding the tropes. For example a woman trying to prove that female characters can be as interesting as male characters.


Manga and Anime
  • Lyrical Nanoha proved that the Magical girl genre could have a great appeal between males fans, and not just becuase of Fanservice

  • CSI and its family of spin-offs and Follow The Leaders? Crime scene investigators used to be the nerds in action movies who only got to talk so they could give the hero a clue. CSI roles around and proves that people welcome the change from Good Cop hunts Bad Guy to the more thriller-oriented sub-genre.

  • The Atelier Series. The main characters are alchemists and store-owners who make items to sell in shops. Yeah, the item vendors every adventurer finds in every shop in every town in every RPG ever made get their own game. By showing the incredible lengths the characters go to get ingredients and the complex formulas they must study, experiment and perfect to create said items, they show that the lowly item vendor is probably an adventurer light years beyond the supposed RPG protagonists in intelligence and daring.
  • Swords and potions runs a similar gambit by allowing the player to set up shop and sell wares to adventurers.
Western Animation
  • My little pony franchise is infamous for being the posterchild of Tastes Like Diabetes, along with other girly shows. However Lauren Faust put herself as a goal to demonstrate that "girly doesn't equal lame". By retooling and using clever writing she has improved the perception of tropes associated with girly shows with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic proving that a girly show can be amazing and even enjoyed by grown up men, with much success.

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