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Lady Not Appearing In This Game

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The practice of putting sexy women on the box art and in advertisements for video games, without her actually appearing in said game. It can be seen as odd if the game features several fully-serviceable female characters, but it doesn't really matter who the girl is. Her only job is to attract the Male Gaze, since most gamers are (straight) males. Once he sees what the game is about and decides whether or not to buy it, her job is done.

A rather blatant subtrope of Sexy Packaging. The name is a play on "Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Film" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


  • The cover girls for the Grand Theft Auto games. The one for GTA 3 actually does appear in the game, but her role is so small that she effectively still counts.
  • For those of you fortunate enough to have missed those awful Evony ads that ran on this site, they featured some pinup model (or just her breasts) saying "Your kingdom awaits, my lord." It's worth noting that Evony is not an RPG but a strategy game, meaning you don't see anyone up close, let alone some bimbo in anachronistic lingirie.
    • Ads like this are a dime a dozen on this site, so you've probably seen one like it already.
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