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Somewhere an Anthropologist is Crying.
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Anthropology is a crossroads of science where subjects as varied as biology and history come together in the name of understanding humans and their ancestors. However, that opens up a lot of opportunities for misunderstanding, misrepresentation, and just simplification of what we know about humanity and what came before us.

As with all Artistic License tropes, the degree of accuracy varies greatly, from They Just Didn't Care to Shown Their Work.


  • 10,000 BC is laughably inaccurate in all respects; You'd think they could have gotten at least one thing right, but it's obvious that They Just Didn't Care. As one reviewer wrote about the main villainous empire:
    I mean, these people may not have invented the wheel yet, but they do ride horses, build pyramids, use bows and even SWORDS (not really available at least until the invention of bronze), sail in large riverboats, and in one scene, display a remarkably accurate map of the world. I was hoping the being they refer to as the Almighty would prove to be an alien, to explain how all this was possible; but when he gets killed you see the lower half of his face and he is quite disappointingly human. Had this empire survived many of us denizens of the twenty-first century would probably have been born on other planets.

  • The Quest For Fire had advanced and primitive hominids coexisting.

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