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Screwed to the max
Someone, in an attempt to fix a problem, makes the problem a billion times worse.

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So there's a nuke heading towards Washington DC. Not to worry! You know how to fix it and - Oh. You just split the nuke into THREE nukes, one heading towards Washington DC, one coming for New York City, and one going for canada. You have just gone beyond Nice Job Breaking It Hero - Instead of creating an Eldritch Abomination, making the nuke lock on to the white house, OR you've made the problem way worse, so you're Screwed To The Max. Its possible, that, in an attempt to fix this, you'll make the new problem even worse. Hilarity ensues.


In the Brawl In The Family arc "Suns Song", Link accidentally creates another sun. At the end, he's created seventeen suns and thirteen moons.

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