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Abnormal Warrior
They are anything but normal, but they still get by with their skill and wits
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Inspired by This "Badass Relatively Normal" ykttw, talks of better defining it seems to have stalled and I see promise in getting a different proposal going on.

Basically a split from Badass Normal, these characters are not technically "normal" due to the presence of a superpower or physical augmentation. But they still manage to get by alongside allies with greater superpowers and superpowered enemies, usually due to their intelligence, combat training, and/or creativity. If they were truly normal they would be badass normal.

There is a certain degree of superpowered "weight" to be addressed here. The key is that their powers don't give an instant advantage. Being able to alter the conditions of a normal fight such as combat-level telekinesis or an unprecedented edge being Nigh Invulnerable would void you from the trope. Other powers such as Super Strength must be fairly low-grade, be used very sparingly or is non-combative in premise.

Interestingly, if these characters are forced to endure a Brought Down to Normal story they often seem to manage just fine because those powers were not vital to their success as a hero.

Related to Badass Abnormal, which refers to a Badass Normal gaining actual superpowers. Compare Fights Like a Normal.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
  • Captain Bravo from Busou Renkin is a Badass Normal by the series standards. He does have a kakugane, but the resulting busou renkin is the purely defensive Silver Skin whereas the entire rest of the cast gets any of a variety of superpowered weapons. As a result, Bravo being a One-Man Army comes down entirely to athleticism and extensive training in hand-to-hand combat.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
  • Black Canary is a meta-human who has the "Canary Cry" as a very useful backup weapon to help clear a room. But this actual power is used fairly little in comparison to her martial arts abilities that rivals much of the DC universe. It's not uncommon for several stories to go by without her even using the cry.
  • Daredevil is a blind man who has enhanced senses that allows him to see in a different way than most people. But these abilities are effectively worthless if Daredevil didn't train to utilize them to read body language and see in 360 degrees. Besides having an enhanced sense of balance Daredevil is still physically human.
  • Captain America has his origin story as a Super Serum turning him into a Super Soldier. Whether he is treated as "peak human" or as superhuman, both the serum and enhanced physical abilities ensure that he is not normal. Even still, his physical abilities pale in comparison to most other heroes and villains he encounters. What makes him such a force to be reckoned with is his nobility in leading other heroes in addition to his bravery and skill on a battlefield.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • Going by the codex, any non-biotic military personnel in Mass Effect are this by default, since genetic enhancements to existing abilities (strength, metabolism, eyesight, etc.) are the norm in the setting. They're still not much of a match for gravity-manipulating biotics or krogans.
  • Fighters in Project Eternity have special abilities deriving from their souls, but the scale of these powers (temporary Super Strength and Super Speed) pales in comparison to wizards, ciphers, and priests. They rely primarily on martial skills and intense training.

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