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All Women Love Shoes
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Yes this probably needs a snappier title.

Inspired by the Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend YKTTW, in the world of fiction all women absolutely love shoes. Not only that, they judge people by the shoes they wear, have whole closets full of them, know every single designer, and no matter how expensive they simply must have the latest ones for the season. Don't question this, this is simply one of those "women things" that men will never understand and must never question.

(Too snarky for a write-up?)

Anyways, examples-

  • Sex and the City- made Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik household names, Carrie was shown to be in deep dept because of her collection of hundreds of shoes costing several hundred bucks a pop, and in one episode Charlotte's came across a shoe salesman with a foot fetish who loved her feet so much he gave her these fancy sandals for free. And many, many references to shoes being this kind of holy sacrament throughout the show's run. Loathe as I am to do X Just X, I was plenty tempted to do it for this show.

  • The Simpsons- While not typically a big concern of Marge and Lisa's, when the family went to New York City they were both utterly hypnotized by a revolving display of blue high heels. Also lampshades their Limited Wardrobe- "I know I already own a pair of shoes, but I want these so bad!"

  • Comes up quite frequently in the comic strip Cathy.

  • Sara from Zits has this trait sometimes- she once got deeply offended by Jeremy when he failed to notice her new boots (but subverting the "men never notice shoes" part of the trope, when Jeremy claims this he asks Hector what's new about Sara. "Besides the boots?") but they made up when she realized that he's more enraptured with the nuances of her face.

  • Parodied in a Far Side- a woman is on a date with a man wearing ridiculous clown shoes, dumping him because "I judge a man by the shoes he wears"

  • Used as a plot point in Legally Blonde- When the supposed lover of the defendant makes a remark about Elle's Prada shoes, she realizes that he couldn't be the woman's lover because "No straight man knows designer shoes!"

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