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A plot-important, handheld digital device.
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A Digivice is a small digital item that holds a significant importance to the character, and if lost, can have a significant impact on the plot. The digivice is also unique in that we immediately recongnize the character for owning one. It could be their signature item, and without it, the character wouldn't actually be the same.

The Digivice can have multiple functions, or a single important function, so long as the important function is needed to help advance the plot. It is also near indestructible, often working perfectly underwater, after being dropped from a great height, or being tampered with (which may also be impossible to do).

Sometimes enemies may try to steal the Digivice, but most of the time, the item is ignored. Funny how if this item was stolen, it would put to antagonists at a great advantage, maybe to the point where the heroes could easily be defeated. If the enemies do not know about the digivice, then when seen, they may mistake it for a watch or a cell phone.

The Trope Namer is the anime Digimon, where in each series the children is given a new type of Digivice. The original digivices signified the children as being not only the chosen ones, but it also helped their Digimon parters to evolve, as well as allowed them to pass between the human world and Digital World freely.

What seperates this from a usual Plot Device is that the Digivice is digital, easily mistaken for something unimportant, and can harm the hero if lost or damaged.


  • Digimon is the Trope Namer. None of the antagonist ever thought to simply take the digivices.
  • In Megaman Battle Network and it's anime adaptation, Lan carried the PET, or Personal Terminal. It allowed Lan to communicate with Megaman and jack the Navi into computers, allowing him to defeat cyber criminals. Without it, Lan would have been useless.
    • Megaman Starforce replaced this with the Transceiver, which played a much smaller role.
  • In Dragon Ball, the Dragon Radar served as this. Without it, hunting the Dragon Balls would have been impossible, and in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta mistaked it for a watch.
    • The Power Scouters qualify as well. Not only were they Dragon Radars, but it allowed Frieza's army to find different people all over the planet. Things would have been muc more difficult without them.
  • In Ben10, Ben's Omnitix is this, as well as a Transformation Trinket.
  • We have our own Digivices in Real Life. They are called Cell Phones, and many of us are lost without them.
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