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Mr. Rogers Is an Asshole
Comedy arising from insulting beloved or well-liked public figures
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Chorus: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!
Sheila: With all their hockey hullabaloo...
Mrs. Cartman: And that bitch Anne Murray too!

Fully aware that this Needs a Better Name, but nothing else came to me.

It's easy enough to laugh at people everyone hates. Generally, their actions provide cause enough for satire, ridicule, and, most importantly, insult.

However, it can be just as funny to insult well-loved figures, albeit for different reasons. This often carries a Crosses the Line Twice kind of vibe, with the additional helping of coming way out of left field. Given that many of the figures who fall "victim" to this are often Sacred Cows, that makes it all the more shocking, and, ideally, hilarious. After all, who expects anybody to say, "Mr. Rogers? Fuck that guy!"

To qualify for this trope, the figure must be a) generally well-liked and noncontroversial, with only minimal dissent and b) outright insulted, not just parodied or criticized.

Seen It a Million Times, Needs More Examples


  • Walkers (a brand of crisps/potato chips in the UK) used this in their advertising campaigns by having Gary Lineker appear in them stealing people's crisps. The humour came from the fact that he had a very clean record (no dives, fouls, etc) on the pitch (at least for the generation who didn't only know him for the adverts).

Animated Film
  • The page quote is from the South Park movie; Anne Murray is a beloved Canadian musician and all-around noncontroversial figure, which makes it all the funnier when Cartman's mom just refers to her as a "bitch" for no apparent reason.
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