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Won't stop and listen

A character is too single minded to listen to others.

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This is one of the ways Poor Communication Kills. Basically, a character starts ranting or is so upstet that they won't listen to anything anyone else has to say. While a blabbermouth will do this innocently (and say "Why Didnt You Just Say So?" when the listener finally cuts them off) an angry, sad, or emotionally upset character will do this because on some level they don't want to listen to any counter arguments or excuses.

This is usually an ingredient in the plot mandated Third-Act Misunderstanding and couple breakup in most romantic comedies. Of course, this ends up causing the non-listener a lot of grief later on in some form, unless the character being ignored manages to somehow trip them into shutting up with a grand gesture or an Armor-Piercing Question.

  • In Summer Wars, Wabisuke gets this way after storming off from the family home. When Natsuki calls he's more interested in telling off their grandmother and family than in listen to her. Which blows up in his face once Natsuki, no longer trying to be supportive, screams that their grandmother died after their earlier fight.
  • The CGI cartoon Xcalibur had the child king Arthus act this way whenever the heroes try to tell him his uncle and Evil Vizier murdered his father.
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