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Bounty Squad
a Posse of Bounty Hunters
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Sometimes, one is no fun, two is true, three's for me, but ELEVEN kills baddies! A Bounty Squad is usually a posse or family of bounty hunters that hunt the villains down...or maybe The Big Bad. Most of these groups are nameless, usually just to either die at the hands of the villain to prove he's a Badass, or just to harass a evil player. If the Posse has names, they usually have the principles of the Five-Man Band....or, if they are Evil, the Five-Bad Band. Also, note they are not awesome or notable enough to be a Quirky Miniboss Squad in any videogame.

Examples: Video Games
  • Red Dead Redemption.If the Player Character, John Marston, achieves a high enough bounty, a nameless posse will show up at random times to try to kill him.
  • In Fall Out 3, there's the Talon Company Mercs. Even if you're good or bad, they usually find you and try killing you. Usually, if you need to test a heavy weapon, and you VATS them, it can become a Crowning Momentof Awesome.
  • Star Wars. Boba Fett, Jango Fett...that other Fett i dont remember at the moment...
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