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Your Medals Will Not Protect You
Minority veterans face oppression in civilian life by the government of the country they fought for.
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Formerly German-Jewish World War I Veteran, expanded.

Bob, a member of a minority group, joins the military. He acquits himself well, and may even gain a reputation as a war hero. After returning to civilian life, however, Bob's minority status relegates him to second-class citizenship in his homeland, despite the risks he has taken on his country's behalf.

Truth in Television, as in the cases of German-Jewish veterans in Nazi Germany and African-American servicemen in the pre-Civil Rights Movement United States.

  • The Barber in Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator is a Jewish World War I veteran living in a parody of Nazi Germany.
  • Jakob Eisenhardt is another German-Jewish example, who was a decorated veteran of World War I. His family's persecution by the Nazi regime provides a substantial portion of his son's Freudian Excuse.
  • An Ambiguously Jewish concentration camp prisoner in Maus claims to have fought in World War I and earned "medals from the Kaiser."

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