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Beating the insanity out of them
People who regain their sanity after a battle
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The evil boss is defeated, his insane plans are over, you just have to land the killing blow. But wait! He's talking normally, somehow the punches have restored his sanity, if only for a moment. He will then tell the heroes how to defeat him, take his own life or give them time to run.

other possible titles: beating some sense into them, trauma induced sanity

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  • A boss in Heretic 2 reveal that she was driven insane by the effects of the magical plague, but offers to help after fighting the hero, teleporting him closer to the final boss. The final boss can only be defeated by completing a ritual which restores his sanity.
  • Mass Effect: An asari matron breaks free of indoctrination by the reaper sovereign after being attacked.
  • American McGee's Alice does this. Literally. Also some of the Psychopaths in Dead Rising will briefly come back to their senses after defeat.
  • Happens to Allenby in Mobile Fighter G Gundam... more than once, I think. The 'berserker system' built into her Humongous Mecha drives her insane, but makes her devastating in combat, and on more than one occasion, Domon is forced to beat her back into sanity. (Also happens in Super Robot Wars J, and probably any other SRW-title where Allenby is included.)
  • In "Dissidia: Final Fantasy", Cloud does just that to Terra.
  • Mega Man X 2 has a sub-mission where you need to locate and defeat the 3 X-Hunters to obtain all of Zero's parts. If you fail to get all 3 you have to fight Zero before facing Sigma. Once defeated Zero regains his sanity.

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