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Ready to launch, please vote between Power Cord Leash or Achilles Power Cord.

--Master Mold, stopped from escaping a doomed base by a literal example of this trope, on the X-Men Animated Series

If something requires a power cord to work, it presents a weakness usually with distance, usually not far from the power source. Compare Cut the Juice when the plug is pulled.


Anime and Manga
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: the titular EVAs need an external power source and an early episode even has Shinji do a power cord transfer at one point to move into an area that his current cord doesn't reach.

  • In the film Help!, a Mad Scientist has a lab full of assorted devices, but keeps having to change the plugs to work with the power supply.
  • Back to the Future: Doc Brown and his power cord/zip line.


Live-Action TV
  • On The Office, Michael wanted to build a robotic memorial statue of his old boss, Ed Truck. Dwight suggested giving it a short power cord so it couldn't kill them all.

Newspaper Comics
  • In one FoxTrot arc, Roger bought a giant mobile phone that needed to be plugged into the mains to work. Andy pointed out how that defeated the 'mobile' part of 'mobile phone'.

Tabletop RPG
  • Paranoia adventure Send in the Clones. One of the R&D devices the Troubleshooters must test is a belt device that generates a force field around the wearer. One of its limitations is that it has to be plugged in to work, which will severely limit the user's mobility.

Web Comics
  • In Girl Genius, Anevka is a clank (robot) body created for a fatally injured noblewoman. She needs to stay connected to the large container where her actual body is kept in stasis. Near the climax of the story arc, the cables are cut and she freaks out when she feels no different - it turns out the real body is long dead inside the container and she has become an autonomous A.I. with Anevka's memories

Western Animation
  • The Megadoomer in Invader Zim, which was a robot death machine that had to be plugged in for power due to a dead battery.
  • On one episode of Teen Titans, Starfire travels to a Bad Future where the titans ended up splitting. Cyborg was the only one who stayed on the tower, because he had long ago burned all of his internal batteries, so he had to be constantly plugged to a large machine to keep functioning, and couldn't go anywhere he repairs them at the end of the episode, also Starfire returns to her time possibly preventing said future from happening in the first place.
  • One episode of Carl Squared has the protagonists being chased by a doctor wielding a power drill. He chases them across the street and the power cord reaches its limit and pulls the plug out of the outlet. The doctor laments about not spending a few extra bucks to purchase the cordless version of the drill.
  • In the Looney Tunes short "Ducking the Devil", Daffy Duck tries to calm down the Tasmanian Devil with music and lure him back to the zoo. His first attempt is with a radio ... except the cord doesn't reach all the way.
  • On The Brave Little Toaster, the appliances need to find a way to leave their cabin to find their master, but need to stay close to an outlet to stay alive. The solution: a car battery attached to a rolling chair.

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