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My Wife has inspired this one....

We've all seen it, A popular, and to be quite frank probably Jailbait, female TV star is fairly flat-chested or at least not very ...."Pronounced" in her mainstream or main role but then you get her in an awards show or otherwise live event and well....My How She has Grown.

Not to be confused with Obvious Boobjobs, or if a reasonable amount of time has transpired from the live broadcast and the main show they're on.

  • My main Example is Jeanette Mc Curdey(Sp?) from iCarly, She's not exactly buxom on the show, but at the Teen Choice awards she's almost a full cup size larger. I seriously doubt Wonderbra was entirely rsponsible for this.

  • Julianna Rose Mauriello has had to have her breasts taped down since puberty on Lazy Town since Stephanie is still supposed to be eight years old. She's eighteen now. At this point, the show's producers seem creepier than her fanbase.

  • Judy Garland was famously restrained this was done to make her look younger for the role of Dorothy Gale.

  • Probably started in Star Wars, where (at least according to her interview statements) Carrie Fisher's breasts were taped down to prevent Gainaxing under her costume. This stopped later on, since the franchise got noticeably Hotter And Sexier in Return of the Jedi

  • Naoto from Persona 4 does this as part of her Sweet Polly Oliver disguise. One scene implies that her breasts are actually quite large, but you can't tell how large, since she hardly untapes them.

  • Buffy in later seasons of Family Affair.

  • In The Railway Children (1970) on of the female leads (I belive it was Jenny Agutter) had to have her breasts strapped down because she was playing a much younger girl. In Fact this was such a big secret she wasn't allowed to smoke or drink off the set during filming or quite a while after that to keep up the. pretense

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