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Stock Money Bag
Money and treasures in fiction is often stored inside sacks
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For some reason, money in fiction, be it coins or paper is often stored inside sacks. These often have a dollar sign in them, despite the location the events take place (the origin of a dollar sign predates the US dollar though). The money bag is a very easy way to indicate wealth to a place or a person compared to, say, jewelries or fancy noble clothing. The small money bag is common enough before the time of paper money to be carried by commoners and nobles alike.

Of course, after the invention and popularity of paper money and consequently the invention of the wallet, the money bag became a Dead Horse Trope in real life. However, if played straight, this is useful in fiction to show that the world is in the pre-industrial time if they are still using the money bags to transport money. It can also add to the cartoony feel of the fiction

Those often show up in Western Animation, especially when the bank is being robbed. Money bags also tend to show up in video games, especially in platform games, although in a lot of those games, they only serve as a mean to gain extra points.

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Multiple Media
  • Disney franchises, no matter if these are the comics, animated series or other, seem to not have heard of things such as bank cards. This is especially notable when Scrooge McDuck is present.

  • D.E.B.S.. When Lucy Diamond and Scud return stolen money, it's stored in large bags, each with a dollar sign on it.

Video Games
  • In some of the Castlevania games the enemies drop money bags with a dollar sign on them. Surprisingly, a lot of the games take place outside US and even before the dollar was issued for the first time.
  • Landers in Gun Nac leave behind floating dollar bags when shot.
  • Wizards And Warriors, dollar signed bags are commonly found. These also increase the score.
  • Aigina no Yogen has bags which hold gold for some reason.
  • A lot of money in the NES version of A Boy and His Blob is stored in bags.
  • Ghosts N Goblins series takes place in a medieval settings. Despite that, dollar bags are found.
  • In Circus Charlie, in one of the stages, there are dollar bags inside rings of fire.
  • One of the things that yield points in Serious Sam II is a stock money bag.
  • Wallets (which always resemble drawstring pouches) in The Legend of Zelda series always have a rupee on them. The denomination of rupee (determined by its color) indicates the relative capacity of the wallet. As with most examples, this serves as a necessary visual cue, as otherwise they could easily be confused with bomb bags or other items in Link's Hyperspace Arsenal.
  • Moneybags in Spyro the Dragon games, appropriately, carries a bag of money (or rather diamond) around.

Web Original
  • In Jerma985 Fast Draw: Showdown, Jerma spotted a lady running away with a cartoonishly large money bag, he called it a "Scrooge McDuck Bag".
  • The Nostalgia Critic: In his review of "the worst Christmas Special ever" Doug gets irritated at the caretaker in the story who pays the patroness of the orphanage two money bags all the time. The character doesn't even mention the amount of money. He just says: "Here are your two money bags, miss."

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