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Climactic Elevator Ride
Getting to where the climax will be via a dramatic elevator ride.
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It's time for Bob to face his final destiny. The Evil Overlord is on the roof, preparing to launch his master plan, and the only thing to do is go up there and face him. So, Bob gets in the lift, maybe saying a last few words to Alice. They check their weapons, make their peace, and wait for the door to open at the top.

The elavator ride serves as a good pause point in the action to resolve some loose ends, or just prepare for the final battle. The quiet ascent --or descent-- is the Calm Before The Storm and really builds up what is about to unfold.

It needn't be before the actual climax. A good semi-climax will do, so long as it's dramatic and looks like it might be the real thing.

See also Roof Top Confrontation, which often follows. Not to be confused with Climbing Climax or Elevator Action Sequence, since the action doesn't actually happen on the elevator.


  • Total Recall (1990). Quaid takes an elevator ride up to his final showdown with Cohaagen over the fate of Mars.
  • In Film/Aliens, Ripley rides down an elevator deep into the soon-to-be-exploding colony to rescue a little girl. She takes this time to ready all her weapons.
  • Happens in Vanilla Sky as well. Tom Cruise's character meets with "Tech Support", who proceeds to explain what exactly's been happening to him throughout the film. To drive it home, the elevator ride is impossibly long, making it clear that Cruise is in a dreamworld.

  • Half-Life 2 has Gordon and Alyx ride up an elevator before the final battle. Alyx takes this time to have say a few things.
  • Jack rides up the elevator to the top of city hall to face the final boss in BioShock
  • Spec Ops - The Line shows the main character taking heading to the final showdown by riding an elevator to the penthouse of the tallest skyscraper in Dubai.
  • Time Crisis - Right before the final boss battle, Wild Dog takes Rachel hostage in an elevator. Richard has to take the other elevator to catch up.
  • Elite Beat Agents - In the "Just A Peanut Matter" (song: "I'm a Survivor") stage, the main character takes the freight elevator to the top of the peanut warehouse where the evil alien queen is.
  • Left 4 Dead - In the No Mercy campaign, the end of the penultimate stage involves traveling 25 floors up an elevator where some conversation takes place.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 - In the first campaign, the survivors take an elevator down to the ground floor of the mall where Jimmy Gibbs Jr.'s car (and their best chance of escape) is parked.
  • Modern Warfare 3 has one halfway through the last level, when Price and Yuri ride an elevator to the final battle with Makarov and his goons.
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