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In Real Life, practicioners of pest control are usually like everyone who practices a job, but this is not the case in fiction land, perhaps is its sinister nature or the fact is not one job one makes lots of friends, but there's something in the image of the exterminator that has turned it from quirky to living Cthulhu of the insects.


  • Ceasar from MouseHunt, played from all people by Christopher Walken.
  • Dale Gribble from King of the Hill.
  • The protagonist from Naked Lunch, making this Truth in Television in the case of William S. Burroughs.
  • While not exactly an example. The first Men In Black movie gives us Ed, which is a pretty normal fella (or as normal as someone played by Vincent D'Onofrio can be...) until a bug from outer space uses his body as disguise and steals an exterminator's van, giving us quite a bit this vibe.
  • The Exterminators is a Vertigo comic book with an entire cast of eccentric exterminators.
  • The men who get stuck killing rats in Stephen King's Night Crew would qualify.
  • John Goodman's character Delbert Mc Clintock in Arachnophobi definitely qualifies. Acts like he's the greatest thing ever, even though he really doesn't help a whole lot, as I recall.
  • In the Dexter season five episode "Hello, Bandit" the titular Dexter tracks down an exterminator who is also a serial killer.
  • The one from Over the Hedge.
  • Real Life/Reality TV example: A&E's Billy The Exterminator. Besides dressing in goth clothing as a substitute for more practical protection, he is perpetually excited about pretty much everything.
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