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Rock Paper Scissors System
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Super Trope to Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors and Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors.

A Game Mechanic Trope.

At simplist, this is when one has three or more properties, things with property A beats those with property B, those with property B beats those with property C, and that with property C beats property A. Conversely, C loses to B, B to A, and A to C. When applied, it usually gets a a bit more complicated.

More generally, this is a system where characters, weapons, or techniques with certain properties do better against those with certain properties. Typically used in RPGs, this includes dealing more damage against those with the said properties and receiving less damage from those with the said properties.

In any case, this Trope is for media with Rock Paper Scissors Systems that either use both, neither, or a combination of Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors and Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors. Media that simply use one or the other goes into those pages.

Trope Namer and a straight example is Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Another example is Pokémon, which carries elements of both Elemental Rock-Paper-Scissors and Tactical Rock-Paper-Scissors mixed together into a single system.
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