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Walking With The Car
People in a car fight. One gets out to walk while the other drives the car alongside them.
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A couple of people are in a vehicle, most often a car, and they're having an argument. Enraged one of them will get out of the car, slam the door, and start storming down the footpath while the other person drives slowly along while asking them to get back in.

Occasionally the argument will start before the couple gets into the car, and other times the "argument" will be closer to one person being silly and the other person trying to encourage them back into the car. However the main point is, traffic is going to slow.

The person in the car will be either very concerned, frustrated, or embarassed. Note that in romantic examples it is usually the female is the one walking but male examples do occur.

Sister Trope to Get Out Of The Vehicle

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Live Action TV:
  • That '70s Show: Both played straight and subverted in one episode where Kelso and Jackie have an argument over her keeping stuffed animals in his van. When she gets out of the car, Kelso drives alongside her until she gets back in. In the credits the roles are reversed during a new argument and after becoming impatient Jackie drives away.

Web Original:
  • Lightbringer: Gavin and Karris are in an argument, and Karris attempts to take a separate boat to escape. Gavin destroys the other boat and lampshades how impractical it is, particularly when they are fleeing enemies and Gavin's boat is hundreds of times faster.

Western Animation:
  • Arthur: when Buster decides to become Amish after a Field Trip to an Amish community, he walks home from school because Amish people don't use cars. His mother is in the car driving very slowly along the street next to him, trying to convince him to get in.
  • Simpsons episode: (searching)
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