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Faster And Manlier
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It's been two months. Why do you people not CARE about this trope?

So you want to make an adaptation of some work that may be deeply philosophical or has a convoluted plot, but may be just a little bit too slow for a viewer to appreciate.

How to fix that? Add more ACTION!
More shootin', more 'splosions, fast vehicles, badass music and here we go. (Plot consistency not included.)

Typically done with The Movie of the Book. Very prone to Adaptation Decay although proves that Tropes Are Not Bad if the source material is plain boring.

Is typically also Bloodier and Gorier. Can be Hotter and Sexier as well. Commonly either Darker and Edgier or, if the result is of cheesy action fun variety, Lighter and Softer.

Note: this trope is concerning adaptations, spinoffs, remakes and so on, and so forth. The sequel version of this is Actionized Sequel.


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