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Not Quite Hime Cut
It would be a Hime Cut, except it is not done right.
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Early Development Phase

Preliminary concept inspired by this conversation. As with all my YKTTW's, Rolling Updates, probably Needs a Better Name, Needs a Better Description, Do We Have This, etc.
Normally a Hime cut is characterized by eyebrow - length hair in front, jaw - to - chest - length sidetails, and long hair in back, all cut perfectly straight across (as seen here).

This character has a hairdo that would be a Hime Cut, but it is slightly off. However, it is similar enough to a Hime Cut that it still evokes the trope. Typically, it is used for a character who is not quite the classic Hime Cut personality.

NOTE: this is not a list of every character with sidetails, long hair with bangs, or any other hairstyle that has anything in common with a Hime Cut. There needs to be a tie - in to the Hime Cut trope.

When considering adding an example, please observe the following:
  • Examples should be from either Japanese media or media with a clear Japanese influence, such as strongly Animesque Western Animation. (note: will include this if I get consensus to do so)
  • Check the related tropes listed below to see if it fits there first.
  • Examples should fit one of the variations listed. If your example doesn't fit, please bring it up on the discussion page first. (note: will include this if I get consensus to do so)

This page can describe and portray subversions of the characterizations listed in the Hime Cut page.

Related Tropes:
  • Hime Cut does allow for a fair amount of variation in the exact length, as well as a variant where there are two pairs of sidetails. Please see the examples here.
  • Tomboyish Sidetails combine the sidetails of a Hime Cut with short hair that's typically feathered or uneven.

  • Feathered Bangs: The bangs are feathered rather than cut straight across. Perhaps the most common subtrope. This seems to be associated with girls who are modern on the surface, but have some private traditional elements to their life or personality. It also seems to be associated with type B (dere) Tsunderes.
  • Ragged Edges: The edges of each section of hair are ragged rather than cut perfectly straight accross. Since ragged hair often results from a character who is unable to tend their hair on a regular basis, this is often used to represent a formerly high - ranking character who's fallen on tougher times.
  • Short Hair: While all sections are cut straight across, the back is only neck or shoulder length, which might indicate a tomboyish character or a character with an unusual social class.

Feathered examples:

Anime and Manga:

Web Comics:

Ragged examples:

Anime and Manga:

Web Comics:

Short Hair:

Anime and Manga:


Anime and Manga:

Western Animation:
  • Some Avatar: The Last Airbender fans speculate Azula was attempting to give herself a Hime Cut and experienced an Epic Fail. However, given her state of mind, it's not clear if she herself knew what her intent was.
  • Van Kleiss from Generator Rex, who has long, straight, black hair with feathered/ragged bangs with a Skunk Stripe on each side and occassional strands draped over his shoulders.
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