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False Peace
Two warring factions agree to a ceasefire, which proves doomed to failure.
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War Is Hell, and very expensive in terms of money, material, and manpower. If a war runs long enough without significant gains for either side, it may seem very reasonable for both sides to agree to a peace.

Of course, if they never actually resolved the issues leading to their war, there may be little to stop the same war from starting up again. This might even be an invoked trope, if both sides knowingly go into such a ceasefire, and use the time to regroup, repair, trade prisoners, and treat their casualties.


  • Much of the Honor Harrington series centers on a war between the People's Republic of Haven and an alliance of nations lead by the Star Kingdom of Manticore. The two nations make peace about nine or ten books into the series, only for the war to break out again a book later.
  • The end of Lieutenant Hornblower ends with the Treaty of Amiens putting the newly-promoted Commander Hornblower out of work. To add insult to injury, as his new promotion had not yet been confirmed through official channels, he was also demoted to Lieutenant and his additional pay taken back, leaving him penniless (until the next book, when the renewed war and an Admiral he served under as a Midshipman conspired to get him a new command).

Real Life
  • From a modern point of view, it's easy to see the Wars of French Revolution and the Napoleanic Wars as such, at least in America. The first war was ended with the Treaty of Amiens in 1802, and peace lasted between England and France all the way until war broke out again in 1803.
  • The 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq is often referred to as "Gulf War II" or "The Second Iraq War" (in a slightly tongue-in-cheek manner), having happened just over a decade after the 1991 conflict where a US-led coalition forced Iraqi forces to withdraw from Kuwait. It didn't help that low-scale conflict would continue off-and-on between the Iraqi military and American/British forces deployed to the region for the 12 year interval.
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