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Rule Of Creepy

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  • This is not an index, the tropes listed are merely examples.

Some tropes are often used for the purpose of making a character unlikable by making him (or her) come across as creepy. Many other tropes can also be shoehorned in for the job. Often, a plot element exist solely for the purpose of putting a giant red flag on a certain character: "Hey! This guy is creepy". Never mind whether or not the situation is psychologically, socially or even physically realistic. As long as it fills it's function of highlighting the guy as creepy, disbelief will be willingly suspended - or at least that's how it's intended. Parts of the audience may react differently.

While usually used against a single male character, it can also be used against female characters and against groups of people. Including entire races.

Contrast Rule of Cool and all the others.

Some tropes that work well for this purpose (when played in a creepy way) are:

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