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Missing My Nemesis
A character misses thier Arch Enemy
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Without your schemes my life it seems is empty,
I spent all my time keeping you from doing wrong
You were my only nemesis
I'd foil your plans, but still I miss
The moments when we didn't get along.
When We Didn't Get Along, Phineas and Ferb

When a Arch-Enemy (or sometimes rival) is either successfully defeated, killed or quit on them; one or both of the characters feels sad to have them gone. This is often looped with Victory Is Boring and serves as a form of Foe Yay. Usually played for comedic effect, but not always.

  • The Trope Namer comes from the Phineas and Ferb episode, "It's About Time!", where Perry finds out the Dr. Doofensmitz "dumps" him for a new nemesis; which leaves Perry heartbroken.
    Doofenshmirtz: It's not that I don't hate you anymore. I do, but look, I-- I just think it's time for us to, you know, take a break and start fighting other people.
  • Much of Megamind is this.
  • In the Batman: The Animated Series episode, "The Man Who Killed Batman", after Joker thinks that Batman is really gone, he becomes so depressed that he ends up quitting in the middle of a heist when he realizes that, "Without Batman, crime has no punchline." He immediately gets over it though. "Who's up for Chinese?"
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