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new postITT: Slenderman Coming For You12Tue, 10th May '11 5:40:53 PM
new postExquisite Corpse: But making a bit more sense!1Tue, 10th May '11 1:48:28 PM
new postITT: You Have a Crush on Your Least Favorite Character40Sun, 8th May '11 7:33:52 PM
new postYou and the above poster are at a Troper Meet.12Sun, 8th May '11 11:04:26 AM
new postThe TV Tropes Shakespeare Company3Sat, 7th May '11 10:36:55 AM
new postRuin Some Political Careers 2: You Can (Not) Advance...your career10Thu, 5th May '11 10:21:58 PM
new postAvatar Cuddlepile9Wed, 4th May '11 11:01:00 PM
new postITT: we are verbose2Wed, 4th May '11 6:19:22 AM
new postForum Easter Egg Hunt7Tue, 3rd May '11 1:12:40 PM
new postAvatar Battle Arena1Tue, 3rd May '11 9:49:11 AM
new postRet Con: The Game1Mon, 2nd May '11 8:24:29 PM
new postITT: We're In A Reality TV Show208Mon, 2nd May '11 10:59:43 AM
new postAnswer the Above Question with a Song1Mon, 2nd May '11 6:37:24 AM
new postITT: We're on a Road Trip96Sun, 1st May '11 6:57:21 PM
new postHold down both Shift keys and type...124Sun, 1st May '11 4:37:18 PM
new postSomething embarrassing just happened to your avatar...8Sun, 1st May '11 3:42:16 PM
new postThe next poster is doing/has done something to your avatar...3Sat, 30th Apr '11 11:16:30 PM
new postITT You have a crush on the above avatar53Sat, 30th Apr '11 10:26:05 PM
new postThe Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny 2.03Sat, 30th Apr '11 7:04:48 PM
new postTHE HUNS ARE COMING!!!!1!11!!oneeleven!!!22Sat, 30th Apr '11 10:27:48 AM
new postITT: We are all adservers1Sat, 30th Apr '11 6:57:40 AM
new postMemes from the Biblical Internet73Thu, 28th Apr '11 9:21:01 AM
new postThe question thread.147Thu, 28th Apr '11 1:51:27 AM
new postFeature the above troper in a newspaper headline1Wed, 27th Apr '11 8:55:04 PM
new postITT: Hannibal Lecture the above villain8Tue, 26th Apr '11 7:44:13 PM
new postITT: We are in an Eternal Engine117Tue, 26th Apr '11 8:08:16 AM
new postLet's bash 4-Chan2Mon, 25th Apr '11 1:41:08 PM
new postITT: Write crack pairings about the avatar above you2Mon, 25th Apr '11 4:20:50 AM
new postITT: Write part of a political steampunk epic1Mon, 25th Apr '11 2:13:45 AM
new postITT: We're at Meijer9Mon, 25th Apr '11 12:14:34 AM
new postITT: Duke Nukem comments on the dead bodies of other video game PCs205Sun, 24th Apr '11 9:52:22 AM
new postDescribe the above anime character's reaction...7Fri, 22nd Apr '11 2:53:42 PM
new postWelcome to The Tropers Battle Carnival16Thu, 21st Apr '11 5:04:54 AM
new postGossip Evolution60Wed, 20th Apr '11 10:44:09 PM
new postStuck In Really Slow QuickSand.271Wed, 20th Apr '11 2:36:08 PM
new postTroper Brawl.2Tue, 19th Apr '11 10:31:52 PM
new postMassacre a Trope2Tue, 19th Apr '11 5:29:53 PM
new postITT: Duke Nukem comments on the dead bodies of Non-Playable Characters20Tue, 19th Apr '11 1:34:01 PM
new postTrope War4Mon, 18th Apr '11 12:50:57 PM
new postYour Theme Song20Sun, 17th Apr '11 6:55:14 PM
new postThe Avatar Graffiti Thread20Sat, 16th Apr '11 8:00:38 PM
new postLet's write a novel!12Fri, 15th Apr '11 7:29:25 PM
new postYo momma!13Fri, 15th Apr '11 4:01:20 PM
new postThe online battle-ask thread3Thu, 14th Apr '11 8:12:52 AM
new postITT: We Are All Locked In A Room And Everybody Is Invisible76Wed, 13th Apr '11 3:38:15 PM
new postAlien Invaders (AKA Mafia 2)278Tue, 12th Apr '11 4:50:51 PM
new postITT: snowclone some threads212Mon, 11th Apr '11 6:50:09 PM
new postThere is no such thing as the forum game.5Mon, 11th Apr '11 3:13:33 PM
new postPost get!3Sun, 10th Apr '11 6:19:48 PM
new postITT: Holy Scheiße! Our Avatars Are Turning Into Monsters!68Sun, 10th Apr '11 5:54:20 AM
new postWish Granting Game4Sun, 10th Apr '11 12:08:34 AM
new postghost game26Sat, 9th Apr '11 10:31:50 PM
new postPick the lesser evil9Sat, 9th Apr '11 3:03:33 PM
new postSuccess, Fail, and Epic Fail.3Sat, 9th Apr '11 3:10:27 AM
new postITT: We are in a space opera!7Fri, 8th Apr '11 8:37:44 AM
new postThe unrelated one-upmanship game7Thu, 7th Apr '11 2:27:51 PM
new postITT: We Are All Playing Different Forum Games15Thu, 7th Apr '11 7:38:58 AM
new postYour avatar gallery is having a Battle Royale.2Thu, 7th Apr '11 5:15:44 AM
new postITT: You Are All Pokemon Trainers10Wed, 6th Apr '11 11:53:22 AM
new postIf the above troper was head writer on SpongeBob Squarepants41Wed, 6th Apr '11 10:20:30 AM
new postWho will the above poster pretend to be?6Mon, 4th Apr '11 7:31:02 AM
new postITT: We are in a generic anime136Sun, 3rd Apr '11 5:45:52 PM
new postJoint Academy for explorers and adventures 38Sun, 3rd Apr '11 11:46:02 AM
new postWhat's in my pocket? 13Sun, 3rd Apr '11 7:11:18 AM
new postWho has the worst childhood competition!15Sun, 3rd Apr '11 1:53:55 AM
new postITT: Attention!4Sat, 2nd Apr '11 9:02:15 AM
new postITT: You're either Spartacus or a Trooper based on your current avatar10Fri, 1st Apr '11 7:25:45 AM
new postThe World Is CRAZY!!1Thu, 31st Mar '11 4:54:55 PM
new postRespond to the Above Expospeak Pick-Up Line4Thu, 31st Mar '11 10:14:27 AM
new postCompliment the above troper.2Mon, 28th Mar '11 7:28:55 PM
new postYTT: Wy typy wythyyt vywyls!38Mon, 28th Mar '11 11:33:10 AM
new postParsing Error91Mon, 28th Mar '11 7:40:43 AM
new postNot so horrible a crossover?3Sun, 27th Mar '11 9:37:54 PM
new postYour Avatar Has Become The Above Poster's Avatar.17Sun, 27th Mar '11 9:02:38 PM
new posta game with only questions?7Sun, 27th Mar '11 8:52:23 PM
new postCurrupt a wish the jackass version7Sat, 26th Mar '11 11:39:13 PM
new postITT: We are all in Ancient Greece!28Sat, 26th Mar '11 8:39:51 PM
new postWhat's everyogoing as for Halloween?17Sat, 26th Mar '11 7:13:38 PM
new postRandom Wikipedia Article: Yay or Nay?21Fri, 25th Mar '11 2:49:56 PM
new postWhat's Your Orientation?35Fri, 25th Mar '11 9:22:08 AM
new postITT: We are all trolls50Wed, 23rd Mar '11 5:22:51 PM
new postThe flirting thread727Wed, 23rd Mar '11 6:30:56 AM
new postITT: We all live in a yellow submarine. 13Tue, 22nd Mar '11 4:12:29 PM
new postITT: We are all furry!27Tue, 22nd Mar '11 5:26:21 AM
new postITT: We're a Dysfunction Junction1Mon, 21st Mar '11 8:08:43 PM
new postITT: We are going to the cake planet!43Mon, 21st Mar '11 4:13:24 AM
new postYou and your avatar...126Sun, 20th Mar '11 9:41:59 AM
new postThe random item at has come to life and it wants you dead!11Sun, 20th Mar '11 1:17:47 AM
new postCharacters From 1980s Movies...Who Suck At Their Jobs1Sat, 19th Mar '11 5:43:24 PM
new postFORUM GAME: REPERCUSSIONS OF POSTING10Sat, 19th Mar '11 5:07:55 PM
new postITT: We are at a Graham Chapman-like funeral2Fri, 18th Mar '11 9:11:06 PM
new postWhat's the nearest we can get to the above in Real Life?1Fri, 18th Mar '11 9:18:10 AM
new postBattle Royale6Fri, 18th Mar '11 12:30:08 AM
new postChesshammer 40k4Thu, 17th Mar '11 10:34:23 AM
new postITT: You Will Be Assimilated18Wed, 16th Mar '11 6:46:57 AM
new postTROPER BRAWL: SUPER HEAVY DEATH EDITION20Wed, 16th Mar '11 6:35:09 AM
new postOut Mind Screw the post above you6Wed, 16th Mar '11 1:02:31 AM
new postWe are playing Ping-Pong.2Tue, 15th Mar '11 10:37:49 AM
new postITT: we're all neurotic versions of ourselves55Mon, 14th Mar '11 5:18:01 PM
new postWe're going to play Clue, but we're missing all the murder weapons.71Mon, 14th Mar '11 7:38:19 AM
22 pages in this list
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