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Role Playing Signups
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new postSurvivors! (Zombie Apocalypse RP) Interest Check/Worldbuilding/Signup.134Sun, 9th Dec '12 2:27:58 AM
new postInterest in an Urban Fantasy RP?22Sat, 8th Dec '12 7:23:40 AM
new postInterest in a Crossover RP?8Fri, 7th Dec '12 11:04:54 AM
new postWould anyone be interested in an eldritch abomination smackdown?22Thu, 6th Dec '12 10:58:16 AM
new postZombie Survival-Realism RP Interest Check (Small Group)21Tue, 4th Dec '12 1:26:52 AM
new postSons of Anarchy: Road Wars (Signups)8Sun, 2nd Dec '12 4:02:52 PM
new postCybernauts: A Digital Expedition3Sat, 1st Dec '12 5:41:45 PM
new postBlood of the Divine: A Deity RP Signups152Fri, 30th Nov '12 11:54:35 PM
new postPokemon Conquest: Fate of Crimena (Signups)105Fri, 30th Nov '12 6:39:40 AM
new postXCOM: The Great Invasion Signup30Fri, 30th Nov '12 1:25:17 AM
new postMass Effect: Spectre Academy32Thu, 29th Nov '12 3:42:01 PM
new postStreet Quest: The City of Verona Beach Signup Thread12Wed, 28th Nov '12 5:28:16 PM
new postModern Military RP Interest Check32Mon, 26th Nov '12 11:27:53 PM
new postMedieval: Total War-Signups11Mon, 26th Nov '12 5:58:39 PM
new postLegend of the Night King80Sun, 25th Nov '12 8:09:27 AM
new postHorizon - A Racing RP (Interest Check Only)2Sat, 24th Nov '12 11:31:01 AM
new postThe World Ends With You RP: Manhattan style83Sat, 24th Nov '12 2:21:28 AM
new postHalo: ODST - Sign Ups/Interest check144Fri, 23rd Nov '12 1:54:48 AM
new postCrossroads: Under New Management {Sign-Ups}74Thu, 22nd Nov '12 10:30:31 PM
new postKnightengale Delivery- A Sci-fi RP175Thu, 22nd Nov '12 5:57:21 PM
new postPersona: Fractured Dreams RP Sign Up and Interest Check140Thu, 22nd Nov '12 5:31:05 PM
new postSetting Sail for the Horizon and Beyond - A Sailing Adventure RP168Mon, 19th Nov '12 4:49:49 AM
new postStart Tropestuck Sign-up thread.4Sun, 18th Nov '12 11:42:47 PM
new postVoid Aigis (Magical Girl RP) Sign Ups91Fri, 16th Nov '12 3:17:52 AM
new postGameland RP9Thu, 15th Nov '12 1:52:57 PM
new postDeadliest Warrior Roleplay: Signups!3Wed, 14th Nov '12 10:48:08 AM
new postInterest Check: A cultured literature crossover29Tue, 13th Nov '12 7:37:26 PM
new postXCOM: Enemy Unknown RP Interest Check15Tue, 13th Nov '12 4:59:29 PM
new postTransformers RP Interest Check86Mon, 12th Nov '12 3:35:59 PM
new postInterest in a Grand Theft Auto RP?1Sun, 11th Nov '12 2:13:47 PM
new postOld World of Darkness: Sign-Ups!15Fri, 9th Nov '12 7:40:01 AM
new postRealms of Akasha Sign-Ups and Interest Check43Thu, 8th Nov '12 9:40:17 AM
new postConspiracy: A Game of Secrets Sign Up7Thu, 8th Nov '12 9:39:40 AM
new postIn The Throes Of The Mad King's Game: A Superpower Lottery RP187Sat, 3rd Nov '12 8:50:04 PM
new postElixir: A Cyberpunk Alchemy RP Sign-Ups31Sat, 3rd Nov '12 1:16:45 PM
new postSpace! RP1Mon, 29th Oct '12 12:56:30 PM
new postA Cartoon Network Crossover RP (Interest Check/Signups)31Sun, 28th Oct '12 5:10:14 PM
new postTekken 7 RPG idea: Heroes and villains3Sun, 28th Oct '12 4:53:28 PM
new postPersona Academy4Sun, 28th Oct '12 7:56:25 AM
new postThe Holiday Warriors - Sign Up Thread67Sat, 27th Oct '12 5:26:47 PM
new postWaiting in the Shadows (A Persona RP)25Thu, 25th Oct '12 4:00:21 PM
new postSMT: Persona RP Signup and Rules299Thu, 25th Oct '12 1:33:24 PM
new postDigimon: Road to the Future6Wed, 24th Oct '12 7:15:33 PM
new postThe Second Chance (Reboot)- Sign Ups, Interest7Wed, 24th Oct '12 4:55:58 PM
new postIn a Time of War Sign Ups11Wed, 24th Oct '12 5:11:23 AM
new postFate oath/alternative (Festival of Epics Reboot) Sign Ups750Tue, 23rd Oct '12 2:12:00 PM
new postThe Hit List: Buffy RPG interest check9Mon, 22nd Oct '12 6:59:22 AM
new postThe Gate of Lords54Wed, 17th Oct '12 10:51:52 AM
new postWelcome to the Accelerated World - Accel World RP Signups70Mon, 15th Oct '12 7:05:38 PM
new postRevolutionary Tropers - Or, Yet Another @$&# Anime RP18Sun, 14th Oct '12 12:42:59 PM
new postJustice League Anime Interest Check59Mon, 8th Oct '12 12:09:40 PM
new postBandits! Western-Cowboys and Magic sign-up/interest check54Sun, 7th Oct '12 9:02:59 PM
new postSBURG - Round 2 Sign-ups103Fri, 5th Oct '12 4:27:03 PM
new postWe are our avatars: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's sign up page7Mon, 1st Oct '12 3:52:58 PM
new postPuella Magi Madoka Magica RP Sign Ups109Sun, 30th Sep '12 6:03:10 AM
new postFire Emblem rp sign up/interest check52Sat, 29th Sep '12 6:54:34 PM
new postInteresting Times, Incorporated: A New Weird RPG47Fri, 28th Sep '12 11:34:13 PM
new postRadio City 3.0: Superpower Free Form RP Sign-Ups203Fri, 28th Sep '12 5:32:14 PM
new postThe Sun and the Moon Interest Check/Sign-up40Wed, 26th Sep '12 7:32:17 PM
new postGreed and Glory - The Red Queen's Legacy71Sun, 23rd Sep '12 6:34:24 PM
new postCartoon Characters in Random Situations Sign Up/Interest Check5Sun, 23rd Sep '12 10:03:54 AM
new postMass Effect RP 2193Thu, 20th Sep '12 3:24:37 PM
new postHyrule Total War RP6Thu, 20th Sep '12 9:44:43 AM
new post(Reboot) Legend of Korra: The Academy Signups 49Sun, 16th Sep '12 9:41:42 PM
new postFate/ Still Night39Sun, 16th Sep '12 12:38:32 PM
new postCode Geass: BotR III: Sign Ups.141Sat, 15th Sep '12 8:54:46 PM
new postDoctor Who - Time and Space [Interest Check]27Sat, 15th Sep '12 2:55:11 AM
new postPokemon Conquest: Fate of the Throne (Interest Check/Signup)175Fri, 14th Sep '12 8:35:09 AM
new postProtect the Prince! -A Maid RPG. Sign up/Interest check28Fri, 14th Sep '12 5:59:08 AM
new postPokemon RP Interest check3Thu, 13th Sep '12 8:00:45 AM
new postDresden Files RPG (Interest)143Wed, 12th Sep '12 4:04:51 PM
new postThe Spirit-Seekers1Sun, 9th Sep '12 11:09:21 PM
new postDog Days: Vanguard!!! Sign Ups and Interest Check28Sat, 8th Sep '12 8:06:03 AM
new postX-Men: Shark Bones. Free Form. Sign up and interest check.50Thu, 6th Sep '12 10:53:10 AM
new postThe Nightmare Years64Tue, 4th Sep '12 1:50:55 PM
new postFate/Genesis124Mon, 3rd Sep '12 1:50:01 PM
new postReboot: Star Wars meets the (slightly distant) Future: Civil War5Sun, 2nd Sep '12 2:31:24 PM
new postAdeptus Evangelion: Signups and Interest Check68Thu, 30th Aug '12 8:30:24 PM
new postRealms of Dark Adventure: An Urban Fantasy RP12Thu, 30th Aug '12 11:45:57 AM
new postRomance of the Three Cities ~ Santo no Renai ~ Yuri RP84Tue, 28th Aug '12 11:35:34 PM
new postHogwarts Slice of Life RP - Sign Up117Mon, 27th Aug '12 3:59:57 AM
new postAlterverse Fantasy: Red Trinity (Canon Welding Crossover) Sign Ups 45Sun, 26th Aug '12 9:40:17 PM
new postStar Wars RP interest check1Fri, 24th Aug '12 12:33:30 PM
new postIn Our Hearts and Hooves - MLP FIM Crossover Sign Ups III75Wed, 22nd Aug '12 3:50:01 PM
new postWarriors of the Road5Sun, 19th Aug '12 5:20:39 PM
new postBlue Glass Moon: A Nasuverse Original Story Interest Check and Signups12Sun, 19th Aug '12 2:38:08 AM
new postMass Effect RP 3270Fri, 17th Aug '12 1:49:17 PM
new postDiablos City Wars: character creation2Mon, 13th Aug '12 9:38:19 PM
new postReikon Sentai Go-Ender! Sign Up8Mon, 13th Aug '12 11:59:21 AM
new postENIGMA--transhumanist alien abduction RP interest check95Mon, 13th Aug '12 10:20:25 AM
new postLeague of Legends: The New Rune War152Thu, 9th Aug '12 5:37:28 PM
new postDigimon Waltz Of The Damned: The Second Movement140Thu, 9th Aug '12 3:45:23 PM
new postFMA-Avatar Crossover RP: Interest Check7Wed, 8th Aug '12 2:55:06 PM
new postWarPaths ~~~ Game by Machina Productions6Wed, 8th Aug '12 5:06:09 AM
new postBleach: The Shinigami Story89Mon, 6th Aug '12 10:35:58 PM
new postHorror RP - Sign Up27Mon, 6th Aug '12 6:50:26 PM
new postMass Effect - The Meta Complex sign-up and other nonsense6Sun, 5th Aug '12 5:09:57 AM
new postLet's try this again: Evangelion RP!75Sat, 4th Aug '12 12:48:00 AM
new postEvangelion RP186Sat, 4th Aug '12 12:28:36 AM
new postThe Sorcerers' Revolution59Fri, 3rd Aug '12 10:42:27 PM
15 pages in this list
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