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*TearJerker: It was sad watching, for some time, Francis obviously getting older and unable to work in the (admittedly, leisurely) conditions he needed to for this show - he was sleeping much more often, taking two week breaks between episodes, filler was made using a Francis plush, and some "episodes" were just Chef playing with Francis. But then... ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-tPcVb3anI "Our host, Francis passed away on November 6th in the afternoon. He was 14 years and 9 months old and lived a full, happy life. Over the past 9 years, he was loved by viewers all over the world and we would like to thank you for your kindness and support. Francis was the happiest dog we have ever met and he brought us so many good memories. He was a good friend and will be missed."]]''
**[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywr3CAUpGs8 The following episode]] somehow makes it all worse. It opens with a note saying that it was filmed before Francis passed away, and Chef introduces the aforementioned Francis plush as Francis' substitute for the episode, as the real one isn't feeling well. This already is enough to hurt, but then Chef's last line: ''"Get well soon, Francis."'' is delivered with such optimism and enthusiasm... and knowing that he will not get well at all... is devastating. You'll find that the comments are almost exclusively reserved for noting how heartbreaking this is.
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