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20th Feb '13 11:48:30 AM Kadorhal
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* [[DesignatedHero Designated Heroes]]: ...Though to be fair, they ''do'' save the world a couple of times.
* FridgeBrilliance: There's a number of PokeyThePenguin [[ShoutOut references]] in dialog. Pokey tends to say these most of the time.

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* WhatDoYouMeanItWasntMadeOnDrugs
26th Jun '11 2:29:34 PM MagBas
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* CompleteMonster: The protagonists would come across as this were it not for RuleOfFunny.
* ExcusePlot
4th May '11 9:00:12 AM TheOneWhoTropes
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* ChaoticNeutral: Ness, Pokey etc. tend to hover between being [[AntiHero Anti Heroes]] and [[VillainProtagonist Villain Protagonists,]] especially during the [[MetalGearSolid Covert Saga.]]
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