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25th Aug '13 4:57:22 PM TVRulezAgain
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* CompleteMonster: the original principal. Unfortunately, by the time we find out, it doesn't really matter.
2nd May '13 7:06:51 AM Quag15
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Added DiffLines:

* LesYay - Alex and Lita
** Recently, Alex went into a WOW expy world and summoned a demon. Not only was the demon a attractive woman (specifically stated as impossible to create), but said demon then makes out with Alex for what is hinted as a long time. Bonus points? Alex says that if she was going to do that again, to give her a heads up.
*** Possibly has something to do with the fact that she used to be a guy and has a few lingering feelings from that time?
11th Dec '11 8:25:55 PM AbareAbra
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* SpotlightStealingSquad: Alex and Lita. Jo, and to a greater extent Sam, have considerably fewer comic appearances despite both being MainCharacters, even more so since the start of the ''[[WorldOfWarcraft Wizards of Westlock]]'' StoryArc.
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