YMMV / Cheer!

  • Genius Bonus: Lita's DnD references are slightly off, clearly as an in-joke for readers who actually play the game. For example, most of the named equipment is impossible in a non-epic game.
    • In one comic, derivatives are used. The answer given by Alex is right. For even more interest, the teacher is setting up a "Maximum/Minimum" question, which the formula actually sets up a maximum for.
  • Les Yay - Alex and Lita
    • Recently, Alex went into a WOW expy world and summoned a demon. Not only was the demon a attractive woman (specifically stated as impossible to create), but said demon then makes out with Alex for what is hinted as a long time. Bonus points? Alex says that if she was going to do that again, to give her a heads up.
      • Possibly has something to do with the fact that she used to be a guy and has a few lingering feelings from that time?
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: The spin-off is considered by some to be better written, illustrated, less idiotic and overall more satisfying.