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* [[RunDontWalk Run Don't Walk]]


* [[RunDontWalk Run Don't Walk]]RunDontWalk
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!!This 2D Fan Made Flash Game Contains Examples of:


!!This 2D Fan Made fan-made Flash Game Contains Examples of:game contains examples of:
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''Halo Zero'' is a Fan Made flash game based off the popular ''{{Franchise/Halo}}'' series. Master Chief fights the "covenants" to escape Reach. He saves Sgt. Johnson and Capt. Keyes and kills things. It's simple, really.

!!This 2D Fan Made Flash Game Contains Examples of:
* AllInARow: Though, you can trick them to get in front of you for a second.
* AmbidextrousSprite
* ASpaceMarineIsYou
* CheckPoint: Just like in the main ''Halo'' universe.
* CrateExpectations: Lots of useful crates.
* ColorCodedMultiplayer: The defunct online mode used this.
* CosmeticallyDifferentSides: Shoot, shoot, shoot, die.
* DoNotDropYourWeapon
* DoNotRunWithAGun
* {{Engrish}}: The covenants, for example.
* EscortMission: Made fun, since they all but one are immortal, and that one is a badass.
* ExcusePlot
* FanSequel: Fan prequel, actually, to the rest of the Halo games; it's [[SimultaneousArcs concurrent with]] ''VideoGame/HaloReach''.
* GravityBarrier
* HitPoints: Everyone has a set health, but nobody can see it. However, yours can be seen by you.
* InfallibleBabble
* ItsUpToYou
* JumpPhysics: Even for something ''Halo''-related it's insane.
* LevelEditor
* LevelGoal
* MagnetHands: Hey, John, how are you never dropping that gun?
* NoCampaignForTheWicked
* OverHeating: Taken straight from the official games.
* PaletteSwap: The Elites, Grunts, and Marines.
* PointOfNoReturn
* PreexistingEncounters
* RoadRunnerPC
* [[RunDontWalk Run Don't Walk]]
* ScratchDamage
* ScriptedEvent
* SuspiciousVideogameGenerosity: Did you get a Rocket Launcher? Here's a Hunter or Sword Elite to use those rockets on!
* VideoGameDemake: 32-bit Halo sidescrolling ShootEmUp
* WarHasNeverBeenSoMuchFun: Though, there is blood.
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