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9th Dec '11 11:03:46 AM MissBlackAmerica
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Born on December 14 of 1992,Joyflower has been rocking the wrold since then.I like all things conservative in my politics and have a big appetite for my faith of Christianity.I have been interested in becoming a writer and has an account on fanficion.net as jazzqueen.My mission in life is to being a better followr of Christ and to somehow bring less tears of sadness into the world.

My interests have been reading and I have an intensive book collection at my house.I also am a bit of a analyzer who likes to understand what the writer or screenwriter was trying to convery in his work.I also like deep conversations about faith,morality,and etc.

My trademark favorite foods are chocolate and mac and cheese by my dad.

I am also a person who has aspergers syndrome and tends to be totally out there.

Most of all I really take pride in my African American heritage to the point that I will collect any Princess Tiana stuff.I always had an interest in Greek Mythology as well.

I am also a big anime/manga fan.My favorites are One Piece,Toriko,Dragon Ball(Z),Pokemon(including the games),and Hetalia.

I am also a big disney fan as you can see with my Princess Tiana logo as my avatar.Been one since I was a little girl.

I am also a big R&B fan and have a taste for 80's and 90's music.
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