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Over the next few weeks, Dumbledore's Army continues to meet and Harry has much successes training them up in defensive magic. Hermione devises an ingenious way to communicate the date of the next meetings: enchanted coins which display the date of the previous meeting. Meanwhile, Gryffindor and Slytherin are preparing for a Quidditch match. Ron is improving but his performances are still a wildly mixed bag. Sometimes he's spectacularly good, but he's a train wreck if he loses his nerve. Harry worries about whether he will lose his nerve due to teasing by the Slytherins.

The game gets underway. The Slytherins continually mock Ron with chants and banners. He confidence doesn't hold up and Slytherin gain a 40-0 lead. But Harry catches the GoldenSnitch and so Gryffindor win the game. Malfoy continues to taunt Ron as they head back to the changing rooms and insults his parents. Harry, Fred and George lose their tempers and get into a scuffle with him. The fight is broken up, but Umbridge then steps in. She announces that a new "Educational Decree" gives her the power to punish students at will, and that she will ban Harry and the twins from playing Quidditch, even confiscating their brooms. As if this didn't seem unfair enough, : Fred never actually attacked Malfoy (the others held him back) and Slytherin beater Crabbe committed a far worse act of hitting a Bludger at Harry after the game was over.

The Gryffindor team leave angered by the injustice of it all. But Hermione does have one bit of good news: Hagrid's back!
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