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The next morning, it becomes clear what Percy was talking about. The ''Daily Prophet'' headline story is that Umbridge is being appointed 'High Inquistor' of Hogwarts, being given power to inspect teachers. The article also explains how she was appointed: Dumbledore could not find a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, so Fudge passed a law to force her into the job. At lunch, the school grading system is explained.

Divination is the first lesson that they see being inspected. Umbridge is clearly not impressed by Trelawney, who goes as far as faking trying in order to get Umbridge's respect. They then have an actual lesson with Umbridge. Hermione tells Umbridge that she has finished reading the book. Umbridge quizzes Hermione on one of the later chapters: Hermione not only knows what it says but also has an opinion on it. Umbridge seems to think the latter is unacceptable. Another argument ensues between Harry and Umbridge and she gives Harry another week's worth of detentions.

Umbridge inspects two more classes during the week. [=McGonagall=] is an admirable DeadpanSnarker in dealing with Umbridge's presence in the classroom. Hermione introduces Harry to Murtlap essence to help heal the cuts his hand is getting from Umbridge. Hermione suggests to Harry that if Umbridge won't teach them real defence magic, ''he'' should be the teacher instead. They point out all he has achieved in the past four years. Harry thinks he was just lucky and doesn't feel worthy enough to be such a teacher. But the idea does take root in him.
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