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Harry returns to Hogwarts, clutching Cedric's body. The crowd and officials present realise what's happened. He is then escorted away by Moody.

Moody takes Harry to his office and asks him to explain what happened. Harry remembers that Voldemort said that there was a Death Eater stationed at Hogwarts who had put Harry's name in the Goblet of Fire and helped him through the tournament. Harry thinks it's Karkaroff. Moody says it wasn't: [[WhamLine "It was I who did that."]] He goes on to explain how he helped Harry through the tournament without being too overt about it:
*He persuaded Hagrid to show Harry the dragons.
*He talked Harry into finding a way to complete the First Task.
*He told Cedric to open the egg underwater. He had seen Harry tell Cedric about the dragons and knew Cedric would return the favour.
*He gave Neville the book on water plants, hoping Harry would found out from Neville to use gillyweed.
*When that didn't work, he staged a loud conversation in front of Dobby about whether Harry would use gillyweed. Dobby duly went and gave it to Harry.
*In the Third Task, he helped clear a path for Harry. He stunned Fleur and put the Imperius Curse on Krum so that he would go after Cedric.

Moody proclaims himself to be a loyal supporter of Voldemort. Harry can't believe what he's hearing. Moody prepares to attack Harry but is stopped by the arrival of Dumbledore, [=McGonagall=] and Snape, who knock him out. Dumbledore tells Harry that he has never known the real Moody. He orders Snape to fetch a truth potion and the house elf Winky, and asks [=McGonagall=] to find a black dog (actually Sirius) and send it up to his office. Dumbledore finds Polyjuice Potion that the impostor used to disguise himself, and the real Moody locked away in the impostor's trunk.

Just before [=McGonagall=], Snape and Winky arrive, the impostor turns back into his real self: Bartemius Crouch Jr. They feed him Veritaserum truth potion and then bring him round for interrogation. Dumbledore asks:
*How he escaped from Azkaban: His mother persuaded his father to bring him out. She was dying. The parents visited Crouch Jr. in Azkaban. He and his mother drank Polyjuice Potion to swap appearances. The Dementors were blind and could not tell the difference between Crouch Jr. and his mother, two sickly people. His mother continued to drink Polyjuice Potion until she died soon after, and was buried with her son's appearance.
*What happened when he returned: Crouch Sr. used the Imperius Curse to keep his son under control and an invisibility cloak to hide him. He nursed his son back to health and soon afterwards staged his mother's death. Her grave is empty.
*If anyone else knew about the secret: Besides the house elf Winky, one of Crouch's underlings Bertha Jorkins came around the house and discovered Crouch Jr. was alive. When she confronted Crouch Sr., he put a memory charm on her that was so powerful it permanently damaged her memory.
*What happened at the Quidditch World Cup: Winky sat by Crouch Jr. in the top box, pretending that she was saving a seat for Crouch Sr. However, at that very moment, Crouch Jr. broke free of the Imperius Curse. He stole Harry's wand. Later that day, when he saw the Death Eaters rioting, he ran into the woods to cast the Dark Mark despite Winky's attempts to stop him. Ministry wizards fired stunning spells and took them both out. They found Winky, while Crouch Sr. made sure that only he found his son. He put his son back under control and fired Winky.
*How Voldemort found him: Voldemort tortured Bertha Jorkins until she broke through the memory charm, learning that Crouch Jr. was still alive. He and Wormtail then came around to the house and put Crouch Sr. under the Imperius Curse. Crouch Sr. was forced to carry on with life as normal.
*What Voldemort made him do: They prepared the Polyjuice Potion and captured Moody on the morning that Arthur Weasley was called to the house to deal with the flying dustbins. He kept Moody alive because he needed hairs for the potion and to interrogate Moody to learn about his mannerisms and habits. The remaining ingredients were stolen from Snape's stores. Harry saw "Bartemius Crouch" in Snape's office and wrongly assumed it was his father. No surprise that Crouch Jr. wanted the map off Harry.
*What happened when Crouch Sr. escaped: Crouch Sr. broke free of the Imperius Curse and Wormtail failed to stop him escaping. Voldemort guessed that he was heading to Hogwarts to confess everything to Dumbledore. Crouch Jr. was instructed to stop him. Using the Marauder's Map, he saw Crouch Sr. arrive on the grounds. When Harry left the scene, he stunned Krum and killed his father. He hid his father's body with his invisibility cloak. Later he turned it into a bone and buried it in the freshly-dug earth by Hagrid's hut that had been used in the Niffler lesson.
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