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-->--''Underground,'' by Andrew [=McGahan=]


-->--''Underground,'' by Andrew [=McGahan=][=McGahan=]

->There was life in the old government yet, but it was waning quickly. The nest of Cainite shadows squabbled to regain control, but their [[SecretWar quiet wars]] were, in the end, but another tumor in the increasingly cancerous empire. The Call beckoned to the family again and again many time during Commodus' bloody time on the throne, and we quietly watched as the army broke down. More than two dozen emperors dead in a mere five decades, and all but one slain outright! Oh, [[HopeSpot a spark of hope]] lit the Patricians' eyes when [[MagnificentBastard Diocletian]] and [[ReasonableAuthorityFigure Constantine]] almost, ''almost'' seemed to have the empire in hand - but no. In the end, it was all useless. I can still taste the futility... like wet ashes resentfully clinging to the tongue.
-->--''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade - Clanbook: Malkavian (Revised)''
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->Those Romans, living about the year 350 AD - could they see what was coming? After all, to most people, [[FeetOfClay the Empire must have looked as strong as it ever had]], and the city of Rome [[SoiledCityOnAHill as supreme and as untouchable]]. The barbarians loomed on all sides, true, but they were still being held beyond the frontiers. And yet, did any perceptive soul see what it ''cost'' the Romans to keep those hordes at bay? Like the armies that demanded ever more men and money? Or like the autocracy of the emperors that grew ever more severe - stifling internal debate, corrupting law, imposing dogma over knowledge, reducing free citizens to serfs - all for the sake of unity and strength? Did anyone see how dangerous that was? Did anyone feel the withering of the inspiration that had made Rome so great?
->And did they imagine, in their darkest dreams, [[PyrrhicVictory that it was all in vain]]? That by the time the barbarians did break through, the Empire would already be essentially dead? That instead of protecting their world, they had fatally weakened it? That in fifty years, Rome would be a smoking ruin? That the Empire would have become a bloodied stamping ground for the armies of a dozen different sides and causes? And that within a hundred years, [[DarkAgeEurope a Dark Age would be settling over Europe]] - and era of war and poverty and enslavement that would last for centuries?
-->--''Underground,'' by Andrew [=McGahan=]
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