History Quotes / Histeria

14th Nov '11 3:52:16 PM movie007
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[[redirect:Quotes/ptitle17u4r74z]]-> Everybody sing along! 1-2-3-4...

-> It's called Histeria!\\
The world premere-ia!\\
We dare-ia to watch Histeria!\\
Preparia for hilaria,\\
They love it in Bulgaria,\\
We declare-ia, be aware-ia\\
The laughter's gonna bury ya, we swearia!\\
It's history mania,\\
Get set for Histeria!

-> We're racing through time in search of comedy\\
We're gonna make fun of history\\
With superstars from every century\\
Here on Histeria!

-> It's hysterical, historical\\
Here's Big Fat Baby, he smells horrible\\
With Father Time, Loud Kiddington,\\
Miss Information, World's Oldest Woman\\
Mix Toast and Pepper with Charity\\
Add Froggo and the others, get hilarity\\
Revolutionaria, it's time for Histeria!\\
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