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* When Cindy admits she loves Jimmy just before she fades to a near-death point in ''[[SuperheroEpisode The N-Men]]'', or tries to as all she says is "[[CannotSpitItOut luh...luh...luh...]]" and then collapses with Jimmy picking her up and asking, "Cindy what? Like? Loathe? Love?" and then setting her down on the ground as he begins to calm down. A [[TearJerker tear-jerking moment]]...
* At the end of "Time is Money," Jimmy goes back in time to make sure Hugh doesn't invest his fifty dollars with [=McSpanky=]. After he comes back, Jimmy asks Hugh what he did end up spending the money on. Hugh's response?
-->'''Hugh''': Well, son...I spent it on your mother's wedding ring.
-->'''Judy''': (shows off the ring) And it was all the money your father had in his name!
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