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16th May '13 10:39:38 AM Chazz
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--->'''Robert:''' Just one. "I do."


--->'''Robert:''' Just one. "I do.""
* Many family-run businesses put an incredible toll on the family, especially when the father/mother/grandparent in charge refuses to listen to any of their employees, including blood relatives. Occasionally, Robert is able to break through their difficulties (with his usual subtlety) and finally talk things through; this inevitably ends in tears of both regret AND joy, and a gigantic hug.
1st Feb '13 4:19:55 PM RyRodrigo
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* Two words: ''Wedding Impossible.'' In particular, this line:
--->'''Kim:''' Do I have a say in this?
--->'''Robert:''' Just one. "I do."
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