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* During Maven's first in-ring promo, he winks at Wrestling/{{Jacqueline}} in some kind of RefugeInAudacity. The judges' reactions are priceless. Even funnier with the fact that Maven was one of the winners.
* From the highlight reel on the last episode of Season 3: Scott slapping Wrestling/{{Ivory}}'s butt while she is lying face down a beach chair saying "Say my name."
* "My favorite match is Wrestling/{{Melina}} vs Wrestling/AliciaFox." Wrestling fans who weren't exploding in rage were probably on the ground laughing when they heard that.
* Stone Cold to Ryan: "Your hairdo is pissing me off."
* During the running-the-ropes drill, Jeremiah's prosthetic two front teeth came out. The trainers stared at them in surprise when they realized just what they were. To add to the hilarity, Bill [=DeMott=] initially thought they were his:
--->'''Stone Cold''': Get your teeth out of my ring.
* During the ''Tough Enough'' finale in front of the ''Raw'' audience, while Bill [=DeMott=] was talking.
--->'''Audience Member''': "Thank you for freshening up tonight!"
--->'''[=DeMott=]''': "You're welcome!"
* From Season 6, there's Wrestling/{{Paige}}'s hysterical reaction to Amanda's "ring rat" comment. As soon as she hears the word, she reacts in a way that's rather like the famous "Scream" painting. MemeticMutation ensued.
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