Funny / WWE Tough Enough

  • During Maven's first in-ring promo, he winks at Jacqueline in some kind of Refuge in Audacity. The judges' reactions are priceless. Even funnier with the fact that Maven was one of the winners.
  • From the highlight reel on the last episode of Season 3: Scott slapping Ivory's butt while she is lying face down a beach chair saying "Say my name."
  • "My favorite match is Melina vs Alicia Fox." Wrestling fans who weren't exploding in rage were probably on the ground laughing when they heard that.
  • Stone Cold to Ryan: "Your hairdo is pissing me off."
  • During the running-the-ropes drill, Jeremiah's prosthetic two front teeth came out. The trainers stared at them in surprise when they realized just what they were. To add to the hilarity, Bill DeMott initially thought they were his:
    Stone Cold: Get your teeth out of my ring.
  • During the Tough Enough finale in front of the Raw audience, while Bill DeMott was talking.
    Audience Member: "Thank you for freshening up tonight!"
    DeMott: "You're welcome!"
  • From Season 6, there's Paige's hysterical reaction to Amanda's "ring rat" comment—as soon as she hears it, she reacts in a way that's rather like the famous "Scream" painting. Memetic Mutation ensued.