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* Harrison the archaeologist having no "inside" voice.
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Added DiffLines:

* The fact that each time Chloe declares she has an idea, Mackenzie [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere up and decides to just walk away.]] Chloe then yells at her to come back and that she must want to listen to her idea since they’re friends. Riiiight?
* In the first episode of the first game Penelope explains that her dreams are being stolen. Chloe declares it’s the work of the Mouse King, a supposition that even Penelope thinks is ridiculous. She later is forced to sleep with a mouse-trap on her forehead.
* Mackenzie, despite being the OnlySaneMan, falling into AttentionDeficitOohShiny and thinking about what to do with her cold tea instead of listening to her client.
** In general the inner monologue commentary that Mackenzie gives on her cases can be pretty hilarious; not only for her horrified, shocked, or just emotionless expressions, but also the Fourth Wall Breaking, snarky, or InnocentInaccurate kind of dialogue that results.
-->'''Chloe''': The most popular character deserves 1st place!
-->'''Inner Mackenzie''': ''Um, according to internet polls, I was the most popular character.''
* The various frustrated, frightened, or just confused reactions you get when you show the laughing bag toy to [[TheDevTeamThinksOfEverything all of the residents of the town.]] When you show it to Dover, he becomes furious because it won't stop laughing at him and ''crushes it''.
* Inspector Daria throwing her back out each time she tries to make grand, dramatic gestures on the case.
** Daria's failure to be the Cornstalker's rival and losing out to a girl much younger than her.
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