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* When the Fellowship asks the Caesus Magus to help them enter the Pool of Life, Caesus Magus calls upon his assistant, the Bespectacled Gnome of Spell-Breaking. There's a moment of silence, and then:
-->'''Caesus Magus''': The Bespectacled Gnome of Spell-Breaking has stage fright.
* The conversation that ensues when the Necromancer summons the ghost of the Knight Protector.
-->'''Ghost''': Who dares summon the ghost of the Knight Protector?
-->'''The Necromancer''': [''cringing''] It is I, the dread Necromancer.
-->'''Ghost''': What, ''again''?
-->'''The Necromancer''': [[NoodleIncident The last time]] was a mistake, I swear!
* [[MemeticMutation Have you hugged a thug today?]]
* Pretty much the entire scene with [[CrazyAwesome Aeolus]].
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