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* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UvbY-McZgk I'm a faun you dork!]]
* Elora ordering Hunter to sit on Moneybags to make him give up the money he scammed out of Spyro throughout the game. Also a CrowningMomentOfAwesome for Hunter.
* When Ripto steals the gem for his scepter, Elora asks Hunter to do something and the cheetah just tells Ripto to give it back. "At least I tried."
* Ripto's throne falling out of the castle, with him in it, after defeating Gulp.
* One of the satyrs in Fracture Hills: "Music can soothe the savage beast... and ''bagpipe'' music can break solid rock."
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGKxvHum2hY Boo.]]
* "How I miss my Romeo! If he wasn't so short, we'd get married!"
* In Crystal Glacier, Spyro must help the Icebuilders rescue their leader, Chief Shaman Tuk, from the ice wizards' prison. The reason? "He has our tickets to tonight's hockey game at Colossus Valley!" Which turns into a BrickJoke upon rescuing him:
-->'''Chief Shaman Tuck''': Here, take this crystal. I traded some hockey tickets for it.
* There's a strange audio glitch that can occur in cut-scenes if you're emulating the game, where random sounds and/or parts of the actual cutscene are repeated over and over and over, turning normally dramatic moments and crucial plot points into pure audio insanity, with the cutscenes making beeps and repeating phrases and lines over and over again. You can see an example of it [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxDivmvHugc Here.]]
* The Intro and Extro cutscenes for each level can provide a good laugh most of the time, even when it's BlackComedy, Highlights include:
** The intro to Colossus has two monks going into a temple to feed a yeti a goat, followed by the screen zooming in on the leftward monk as eating sounds can be heard, and when the camera zooms out [[spoiler:it's revealed the Yeti ate the other Monk instead, leaving the goat alone to look at the camera in a confused expression]].
** The Electrolls messing with a Gear Grinder in Hurricos' Extro.
** The Extro to Aquaria Towers has a Seahorse being scared off (and farting bubbles out of fear) by robotic shark jaws,[[note]]Robo-sharks are one of the enemies in the level, and they can insta-kill Spyro if they get their jaws on him[[/note]] which is revealed to be another Seahorse playing a prank. [[LaserGuidedKarma Cue a second pair of Robo-Shark Jaws, this time chomping a few times and being from the real thing, which chases the prankster Seahorse off screen]].
** The Intro of [[LethalLavaLand Skelos Badlands]] has a flame-headed enemy singe a caveman's behind followed by [[GravityIsAHarshMistress the Caveman dangling over a pit for a few seconds]] before [[spoiler: it's then revealed the bat enemy was holding him,]] he precedes to fall shortly shortly afterwards.
** The Intro for Crystal Glacier has 2 Ice Builders trying to save their leader by entering through the top of his prison. However, upon one launching the other to the top [[spoiler:an Ice Mage, waiting up there, freezes the flying Caveman in a large ice cube, cue [[AnvilOnHead the frozen Ice Builder crushing the other flat]]]]. The Extro has three Ice Builders climbing a castle, posting a flag on the top. one Ice Builder then falls off, safely hitting the snow, amused, another knocks one down as well, diving off himself shortly afterwards. Their leader just nods disappointingly.
** The Slapstick in Breeze Harbour '''and''' Zephyr, who knew war was so funny.
** The intro for Metropolis has a robotic man constantly looking back and forth for cars, only to discover a pig with a rocket on its back. How does he react to this? [[UnusuallyUninterestingSight He (and the pig) begin to look back and forth as if nothing is strange about it]]. The kicker? Said rocket pig is one of the enemies that are wreaking havoc among Metropolis. That's right, not only is he completely unphased by a '''pig wearing a fireworks rocket on its back''', but one that is '''potentially causing trouble in the city'''. The extro turns this into a BrickJoke. The robot '''finally''' does cross the road... [[spoiler:Only to [[LookBothWays get hit by car]] shortly afterwards]].
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