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* When Ivan first sees Baba Yaga... first they fight over how the house is facing[[hottip:note:You can't enter Baba Yaga's house if it faces the woods.]] and Ivan eventually tries to climb on and ride it over, but Baba Yaga knocks him off. The next change is Ivan and Baba Yaga repeatedly going "Face me!", "Face the woods!" before she loses her balance.
** Followed by that, Ivan actually [[HanselAndGretel tricks Baba Yaga into sitting on a shovel and stuffing her into an oven]]. Not only is the fairy tale logic utterly hilarious, but he says the badass "I hope it's warm enough for you in there!" followed by Baba Yaga's odd choice of words. [[NarmCharm "Oh! I'm cooking! I'm roasting!"]]
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